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Building a sustainable future for all of us

At Lineage, our purpose is to transform the food supply chain to eliminate waste and help feed the world. We are committed to being the most dynamic, trustworthy provider of cold storage and logistics solutions as we preserve, protect, and optimize distribution of the world’s food. To do this, we integrate and innovate top of the line industry technologies throughout our operations to create a smarter, faster, and more resilient supply chain.

In June 2022, we engaged a global, cross-functional Lineage team to formalize our ESG program and develop a strategic roadmap to inform our sustainability goals moving forward. While the area of ESG is ever-evolving, it is important to acknowledge Lineage’s existing and ongoing commitment to advancing these principles across the cold chain - and how they influence our future aspirations in ESG.



Protecting our planet

As one of the world’s leading temperature-controlled industrial REITs and logistics solutions providers, Lineage plays a significant role in the global food supply chain. Accordingly, we have and always will take our commitment to sustainability seriously. Over the last decade, we have implemented ambitious initiatives to reduce our energy consumption with quantifiable and impactful targets. Our sustainability efforts have earned recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy.

In 2021, we signed the Climate Pledge and committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2040 – ten years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement. As an important step toward this goal, we enhanced our Colton Agua Mansa facility to include groundbreaking clean energy technology. This is the first facility in the Lineage network able to generate 100% of its energy consumption on-site. Based on recent investments in renewable energy technology, we are the 13th largest producer of solar energy in the U.S.




Supporting our communities

Our people are the backbone of the company, and they are core to everything we do – and everything we aspire to be as an organization. In March 2021, Lineage appointed its first Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to oversee the organization's DEI programs. Since then, we have made significant strides to foster an inclusive workplace, including the establishment of six employee resource groups (ERGs) designed to create inclusive communities within Lineage and drive broader dialogue on topics of importance to our team and our communities.

Lineage team members help us realize our purpose to transform the food supply chain to eliminate waste and help feed the world. It’s what drives us to focus every day on how we impact the world and especially the communities in which we live and work. That’s why we are proud to partner with Feeding America and the Global FoodBanking Network. To further amplify our efforts, in 2021, we launched the Lineage Foundation for Good with the goal of reducing food waste, fighting food insecurity, and empowering social and economic mobility of our communities. The Lineage Foundation for Good leverages Lineage’s organizational access, influence, experience, and expertise to connect food producers with the people who need it most.




Safeguarding our future

As we prepare for our future, we have undertaken a series of initiatives to ensure that our company is evaluating all near-term and future risks to the business.

Lineage recently completed a materiality assessment as an initial step in our accelerated and ambitious ESG journey.



We are transforming the global supply chain

Awards and Recognition

We are constantly pushing ourselves and the broader industry to do things differently and do things better—and we are proud to be recognized for our leadership.

Foundation for Good

The Lineage Foundation for Good works together with our customers, partners and team members to fight food waste and food insecurity in our communities and around the globe.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Lineage is proud of the diversity of our team and we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture where every team member can thrive.


Our leadership team consists of some of the industry’s most respected, forward-thinking individuals – who are committed to living our values and honoring our purpose every day.

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